In today’s constantly changing environment, gaining life skills is an essential part of being able to meet challenges of everyday life, Falaq’s unique workshop “Discover Your Vision” sets the foundation for a life­changing experience from realizing the ultimate purpose of our existence to  understanding how to lead a meaningful life. Other life­skills courses include Time Hack ­ a complete Time Management System to re­organize your life and Leadership Workshop ­ Motivating teams through Character.

Life skills

Discover Your Vision:

Vision for Individuals

Many individuals are living a life with no purpose or sense of direction. A life with no vision, goals or ambitions. Discover Your Vision is Falaq’s flagship workshop which aims to inspire individuals to live a meaningful life by setting ambitious visions for their personal and professional lives. It is the stepping stone towards a holistic transformation which enables our clients to unlock their true potential in all aspects of their lives.

Vision for Organizations

Most organizations exist with the sole purpose of maximizing profit and shareholder value, ignoring other elements such as customers, suppliers, partners and employees. This workshop helps such organizations think beyond that. How can such organizations have a higher meaningful purpose?

People are the most valuable asset for any organization and therefore, Discover Your Vision to applied the same methodology to inspire owners, senior management as well as employees to work in harmony to achieve the purposeful goals of the organization. Some of the topics covered include the following:

  • The importance of Visions
  • Functions & characteristics of Visions
  • Work­Life Balance Vision Framework
  • Real life case studies
  • Practical exercises

Time Management

Time Management

Are you always racing against time? Do you have trouble honoring your commitments? Do you suffer from a lack of determination? Would you like to be more productive? Do you feel like you never get anything done? Do you always feel stressed out?

Having a purposeful vision alone is not enough if you don’t know how to manage your time. Falaq’s unique Time Management workshop helps our clients:

  • Plan & fulfill visions
  • Live a balanced life
  • Overcome stress
  • Finally get things done
  • Manage priorities
  • Strengthen willpower and determination
  • Overcome time­waster


Falaq helps organizations develop purposeful visions followed by a customized process of intensive organizational development to bridge the gap to achieve its future visions. The primary areas of development that are focused on are

Impact: Customers of the organization and the impact of the products and services on them.

Organization: An analysis is done of the people and operations within the organization.

Influencers: External partners, suppliers and subsidiaries and their contribution to the vision of the organization.


Falaq regularly organized inspirational events for the community by inviting renowned personalities from across the globe to portray living examples of visionaries who are making a dent in the universe. The popular “Quran for Family” series is also part of this initiative, inspiring the community by reflecting of the timeless lessons of life and connecting with the Quran in a fun and engaging manner which even keeps 10 year olds glued to their seats.